Meet The Team - Franci

Over the next few months we're going to be introducing you to the people and the personalities that make up the Fruits of the Forage team, starting with our Warehouse B-O-S-S/the artist behind our amazing illustrations, Franci...
Name: Franci
Job title: I am the designer/illustrator/admin-person/warehouse-manager at Fruits of the Forage!
  1.  How long have you been working for Fruits of the Forage? I was involved from the start but only did illustrations, then I started working as admin/warehouse manager since April 2020
  2. Describe your job in three words... Check check check 
  3. What’s your favourite thing you’ve cooked recently? My famous pasta with pumpkin, onions and pancetta!
  4. Top earth saving tip? Shop local!
  5. Which country would you travel to just for the food? Japan!
  6. What's your favourite part of your job? I love doing my handwritten letters to customers!
  7. What’s your hero Fruits of the Forage ingredient? Hot Rhuby and Dandelion Syrup, I can’t choose
  8. Proudest moment working for FOTF? When I did the wall mural outside the Fruits of the Forage HQ building!
  9. What’s the weirdest thing you’ve ever eaten? A Zimbabwean alternative to chewing gum which was a very chewy fruit 
  10. Name one food you couldn’t live without? PIZZA!!!