On the road to zero emissions deliveries with eLOV!

This week we piloted a new zero emissions delivery scheme, working with Macclesfield based electric cargo bike company eLOV to deliver 30% of all our deliveries with no carbon footprint. Next week we aim to increase this to 50% of deliveries!

Russ and the team at eLOV have been on our radar for a while but due to the size of our veg boxes the Ebikes alone haven't been viable as a delivery method. When Russ told me he was looking at renting a milk float and creating a zero emissions rolling hub to work in tandem with cargo bike riders I could see that it had potential. The great thing about eLOV is that like our veg box scheme, it's a new local venture and we're excited to work together to reduce the environmental impact of every box of veg delivered.

That being said, we wouldn't have been able to back eLOV on this project if we didn't have such a loyal customer base who trust Bert to come back with the best seasonal produce from the market each and every week. After over a year of veg boxes we will soon be back to the summer bounties of gorgeous stone fruit, berries, and eventually boxes full of 100% British salads, fruit and veg.