Wild Garlic Season is Here!

These last two weeks have seen the return of wild garlic in our veg boxes, much to lots of your delight! We've always seen our wild greens as a freebie to give people access to new ingredients they can't find in the supermarket. But in the modern veg box world these foraged greens are sold at extortionate prices.

Here at Fruits of the Forage we believe in sustainability and reducing food waste wherever possible. We’re passionate about minimising our carbon footprint with innovative solutions through our lives and work. When harvesting wild fruit and greens we aim to operate locally and avoid unnecessary travel as much as we can. We strive to preserve and grow our sites so that they continue to provide fresh, healthy produce for years to come. This means we always pick responsibly and always make the most of what we pick. When we have a larger harvest then usual we’ll ensure that we let as little go to waste as we can – a great example of this is our delicious apple crisps, dehydrated from our excess apples.

As we move through the spring, the bunches of garlic will get bigger and other greens will start appearing and we will be sending out plenty of recipe ideas for you to try!