BBQ Bundle
BBQ Bundle

BBQ Bundle

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Take your summer BBQ to the next level with this bundle.

Firstly get the drinks flowing with our Elder flower Cordial. Try giving a floral twist to a classic G+T or glass of Prosecco or go all out with an Elder Flower Mojito!

Then get your meats marinating in our Wild Garlic and Ground Elder Piri Piri Sauce.

Next up get those buns flavoured with our Plum and Pear BBQ sauce.

Spice things up with our classic Great Taste Award 2 gold star winner Hogweed Curry Chutney - great as a versatile condiment or in burgers and wraps.

Finally impress your guests with our Hot Rhuby Sweet Chilli Jam which will make you a Sweet chilli mayo/yogurt dip like you've never tried before.