Chutney Hamper

Chutney Hamper

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Make sure you have the perfect chutney for every cheese! 

Dam Sloe- Quintessential British hedgerow fruits; tart damsons and sloes with traditional pickling spices. Serve generously with strong cheese or rich meats. (blue cheese)

Heritage Pear-Spiced chutney with wild apples and tangy heritage cooking pears - a forgotten ancient British fruit. (Soft cheeses)

Hogweed Curry- Hogweed seeds are a wild spice perfectly suited to this sweet and spicy pumpkin curry chutney, a delicious and versatile condiment. BEST SELLER As good with cheese as it is with Curry!  

Plum and Red Onion- Plums gathered from traditional orchards in the Vale of Evesham are infused in organic cider vinegar before simmering with red onions to give a pleasing fruity tang to this classic preserve. Pair with charcuterie, cheese or add to gravy. 

Fig Chutney- Sweet sticky figs, perfectly balanced with tart Purple Pershore plums from traditional orchards in Worcestershire. A classic luxurious preserve to complete any cheese board.