Another year of zero emissions with eLOV!

You may remember that we partnered with local e-bike delivery company eLOV back in May 2021 to bring you eco-friendly, zero emission fruit and veg deliveries. Almost one year on and we are proud to announce we have commissioned their services in advance for another year to allow them to invest in their fleet and enable us to continue reducing emissions on our delivery routes.

eLOV believe that convenience is not always the best way for our planet or our high street. By partnering with independent, local businesses, it means deliveries come faster while keeping the local economy buoyant. 

For the last 9 months, our two companies have pioneered the unique combination of cargo bikes and “Zebby” the rolling hub - a repurposed 1983 Smiths electric vehicle, leased in partnership with Smiths Dairies. The scheme has worked so well that we now deliver 80% of our Fruit and Veg Boxes with zero emissions! 

This means less air pollution and reduced congestion through local streets and lanes with the cargo bikes doing all the hard work.  

Our vision for the future is for this unique combination to become more commonplace for deliveries within the local area and encourage other towns to try this delivery approach out. Maybe it can reduce the amount of unnecessary van and car journeys from the outskirts too? 

We are proud to continue our partnership with eLOV and support another sustainable Macclesfield brand.